Week 10 Woodstock CSA 8/16/17

8/16 Day 10  Woodstock Cuks Round Zukkini: grill or stuff or? Cherry tomatoes Baby carrots Basil  TAKE A Plastic BAG FROM TOP SHELF FRIDGE 2. TAKE EGGS FROM door of fridge if you subscribe Take a bag from the table opposite the fridge SPECIAL ORDERS I NEED TO HELP YOU  Pada: Iowana: Ziggy&Sophia     […]

CSA Woodstock week 8

Welcome Iwona and also Agata and Kelsey See special orders at the end. 8/2 Day 8 Woodstock Cilantro Kohlrabi Baby Kale Beans Onions   SPECIAL ORDERS MARKED WITH NAMES ON BOTTOM SHELF OF FRIDGE TAKE A Plastic BAG FROM TOP SHELF FRIDGE 2.TAKE EGGS FROM door of fridge if you subscribe * MR HARMON; TAKE […]

CSA Woodstock Week 7 7/26/17

Believe it or not, I found a ton of recipes when I googled “Cabbage,Dill, Leek recipe”   I will have a display and product up on the table opposite your fridge for those who would like to purchase any of my Mountain Moon Herbal Care Products: Body smoother ( face, body, lips), Carrot Eye Creme, […]

Csa week 5 7/12/17 Sorrel week

Many of you have gotten sorrel in the past and did not know what to do with its tangy flavour Sorrel also called szczaw, is traditionally used in soup. Martha Stewart has a great Potato Sorrel soup( I process the potatoes as she does, I leaave them rough) Here are some ideas for you : […]

CSA Week 3 Woodstock Recipes and more

Pada: your SO is on bottom with your name on the bag $38.00 🙂 Mizuna is so good this week. Here is a word or two about it Salad. Wash and chop the salad into bite size pieces. Mix with lettuce or any greens for salad. Try spinach and arugula, or even by itself. Pasta. Even Asian […]