We are M’s Organic Farm: Bliss, Harmony, Balance. Mountain Moon Herbal Care Products. A cruelty free farm.

**NEW CSA Programs for 2021** email for details. Only l0 shares available.

M’s Organic Farm utilizes Organic, Sustainable & Cruelty Free farming methods with the highest respect for the earth & all things living. We are here to serve and learn as well as educate all persons on the benefits of organic/respectful living. We support other local farmers where possible.

We specialize in Greens (arugula, lettuces, chards, Asian greens for stir-fries and cabbages) as well as herbs (dried and live), greens, tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers and more.

We also create Pestos, Salsa, Sauces and Granolas.  Our Classic basil pesto & OUR SPECIAL FRESH GREEN SALSA are very popular.

And chicken (with occasional duck) eggs are optional for prepaid CSA subscriptions only.

Each year we can organic produce from tomatoes to our very special marinara & chili sauces, and a jalapeño marinade all made from our organic produce. We also offer our herbs dried and feature special pickling spices. We create many wonderful things from the produce such as our very popular cinnamon almond raison granola.

We are especially proud of our line of Farm Crafted Soaps and Mountain Moon Herbal Care Products &, wherever possible, include herbs in these products from our organic farm.
We offer gift baskets – “Farm Care Packages” and Herbal Care Packages.

Please join us at the Logan’s Square on Sundays. We have farmstand hours Mid April thru  October But we have the packages, the pestos, granola sauces and herbal care ALL YEAR ROUND. Otherwise, we will gladly ship.

See home page for current details of your location.

Also access our product info at Our store at https://www.localharvest.org/ms-organic-sustainable-farm-M6694

Contact Information

MM Graff
14101 W. Washington Street
Woodstock, IL 60098