Welcome Mousketeers to M’s Organic Farm’s CSA 2023

Soft start May 15th. Week two in June to be announced.
We are still “cleaning up” here after lasts month’s storm that left us without power and a live wire over the driveway for 4+ days.
We are still replacing appliances and repairing various outbuildings. THE CHIKKENS are all fine!
I will deliver the soft start ,week one goodies that include:
Spinach, Micro arugula and chives( Eggs if you subscribe)
Looking forward to a delicious year with you all
Farmer, M

It’s time for CSA 2023 signup at M’s Organic Farm!

The Monstors

Greetings, Mousketeers:

Thanks for considering supporting our CSA . By doing so you are supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and supporting local farmers while sharing risk as to profit or loss as the farm does.

You are in turn supplementing your food with the best, freshest, locally grown, organic veggies and herbs for you and your family.

$299.00 reserves you fresh produce for 20 weeks. (only $15 per week  for Vegies) 

Add eggs to your subscription: total $459.00

Pickup at the farm 14101 Washington Street, Woodstock IL Wednesdays noon to 7 pm

Payments: Zelle, paypal or check( checks made out to MM Graff)

Paypal : msorganicfarm.com(friends and family )

Zelle: 630-945-4458
Text me with questions 630-945-4458
or email me at msorganicfarm@gmail.com

Farmer, M