CSA Woodstock Weekly pickup: week 6 7/22/20 Try this recipe

Greetings, Mousketeers:

I did this recipe for a client and here’s how I tweaked it: Summer Squash Salad w/ Lemon Citronette 


I used crumbled feta

I used crushed, food processed , mixed nuts

Herbs: lemon basil, parsley and mint chopped those and let them sit in the lemon juice

we added some leftover cherry toms once, and sweet pepper the last time

Any squash if fine.

I only had powdered garlic

Lemon BAsil Pesto: https://sweetphi.com/lemon-basil-pesto/



Lemon Basil

Chard( whenever it calls for greens or spinach you can sub this)

Parsley and mint

Round Summer squash



CSA Woodstock week 5: 7/15/2020 Don’t be afraid of it. Ideas below

Greetings, Mousketeers!

Part of CSA is to allow you to try new things. Don;t be afraid of it ideas below. 🙂

So excited about this weeks box . Be sure to scroll down for ideas.


Golden Summer Squash



Collard Greens


My youtube link:  https://www.youtube.com/user/mmgraff1


1. Roughly chop a cup of leaves and place them in a blender with plenty of olive oil, a clove of garlic, lemon juice, parmesan, and any nut of your choice (marcona almonds, if you’ve got ’em). Pulse, and you’ve got purslane pesto.

2. Cooking with fire? The leaves are hearty enough to stand up to light sautéing in a pan—try wilting them with garlic.

3. Or throw the purslane into a grilled panzanella—the lemony bite goes well with grilled bread and vegetables.

3. You can even toss some cooked purslane into a taco, where it will be a bright counterpoint to creamy avocado. (Cook it in oil for about three minutes to get it taco-ready.)

COLLARDS: this site said it better than I could


Woodstock CSA Pickup week 4 7/8/20–box and egg carton returns?

Greetings , Mousketeers and welcome to your week four fresh, organic produce pickup

This week we are proud to offer you:


Green and red leaf lettuce mix


Red Spring onions


Mint tea: add sprigs to water , refrigerate, add lemon if you want

Mint and Blue berries: https://www.howsweeteats.com/2013/04/blueberry-mint-juleps/

Blue berries:

Blueberry Mojitos https://www.inspiredtaste.net/15348/blueberry-mojito-cocktail-recipe/#itr-recipe-15348


Woodstock CSA pickup week 3. 7/1/2020

Looking forward to seeing you all today

In your bags:
Frozen Basil Pesto :Organic: Basil , Lemon, Sunflowers, Garlic, Non GMO Soy oil. Salt. Use w/ pasta, veg, dip, sandwiches, soup, rice and bread or with sour crème.

Romaine Lettuce


if you dont want the non produce item, BAsil pesto, let me know and I’ll give you xtra veg instead


CSA Woodstock weekly pickup week 2, 6/24/20

Bless you CSA’rs

This weeks box is super cool


Spring onions

a boat load of Dill ( dry or seriously, make pesto and freeze it)

Radish ( again? really? )

So here are some ideas for produce:

My youtube link:  https://www.youtube.com/user/mmgraff1

Pickled radishes


Radish Tea sandwiches


10 cool things to do with Mustard


Chicago GEtaway and NOW local One month pickup CSA M’s Organic FArm reminder

Greetings  Kind Supporters of M’s Organic Farm:
Reminding you NEXT weekend , the 27th of JUne is your first day here
Updates always at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=msorganicfarm+graff
msorganicfarm.com( if there are any)
See what’s happening daily at
Can’t wait to meet and see you
If you text me when you are almost here or on your way  I can stop what I”m doing and come see you , other wise just come in , follow the spooky signs and honk
Bless you
Farmer, M
P.S. We have 5 spots left for monthly pickup.

Woodstock CSA Shareholder Announcing Start date: June 17th at M’s Organic Farm NEW HOURS 2PM TO 7 PM

Dear CSA’rs:

Thank you for waiting patiently for your Organic Produce and Egg program to begin.

With all the changes in our world right now things are still being tweeked around here and I’ll need YOUR INPUT. Usually you self serve. This year we offer No Contact PIckup.

I will be available for you on Wednesdays 2 pm to 7 pm at  14101 Washington Street, Woodstock, IL 60098 for your pickups.


Text me, if you can, that you are on your way. Upon arrival you may honk, stay in your vehicle and I will bring your produce to you and either put in your trunk, back seat or hand it to you.  I will wear a mask and gloves. YOU are not required to wear mask or gloves here.

If you have an issue with pickup, please text me asap and we will see what can be arranged to make sure you get your wonderful fresh produce.


Please keep your animals in your vehicle

So sorry, no public facilities

Please enter and exit at a low rate of speed.

Do not ever hesitate to text or call me with questions or issues 630-945-4458

YOur weekly updates, going forward will be at msorganicfarmcom. This is your “go to spot” for information regarding your pickups and may include recipe ideas.

Also: https://www.youtube.com/user/mmgraff1

I”m looking forward to meeting all of you new supporters and welcoming back my previous customers

Farmer, M



M’s Organic Farm NOW delivers in McHenry County Organic Vegetable and eggs

We deliver no contact to your home. Single source origin farm, for less than most grocery store delivery.

We deliver no- contact to your home.

Single source origin farm, for less than grocery store delivery.

Delivery to in McHenry County*

June thru October – WEEKLY Delivery$529 Paid today reserves your 22 weekly delivery of farm fresh organic Produce.

$684 Paid today Adds a dozen pasture-raised eggs to your weekly delivery.

PAYMENT: Zelle: 630-945-4458 OR PayPal Friends and Family: msorganicfarm.com

Prepare yourself to enjoy spring salad greens, summer squash, mouthwatering blueberries, an abundance of fall vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet potatoes and more!

*Includes $10 Weekly delivery charge (less than the grocery store)

** We strictly follow USDA orders for cleaning, washing and separating

*some exclusions case by case

Chicago CSA Getaway! June start You pickup once a month and enjoy our beautiful town I’ll tell you why 11-1pm

M’s Organic Farm Chicagoland CSA Woodstock Getaway pickup 11-1pm NOW OPEN TO LOCAL RESIDENCE AS WELL!
Stay out of the grocery store and visit the farm!
Organic Veg – ONLY $25 per month! Special pricing to pickup in Woodstock monthly
Pickup at the Farm14101 Washington Street, Woodstock IL   Saturdays 11-3
June thru October – MONTHLY Pick-up
$125 TOTAL – Organic Vegetables ONLY $25 per MONTH!
$160 TOTAL – Veg + a dozen pasture-raised eggs each month – ONLY $32 per MONTH!
*option to purchase more Eggs or Farm-crafted Pesto, or Mountain Moon Herbal Care Products while you are here.
For those of you who want a larger monthly pickup:
purchase 2 shares at a discount $240.00 Veg OR $310.00 Veg + 2 dozen eggs
You pickup and enjoy our beautiful town…I’ll tell you why: 
Why would I want to drive to Woodstock?”
🌲 🌺   Because its a beautiful, historic town. Why not take a stroll around our beautiful Square, or visit some of our many Park Reserves?
🍕Many local restaurants like the Chocolate ire, Ethereal, or Napolis Pizza, China Hut and many other long standing eateries are still open for take out & many have built new beautiful outdoor seatings. We closed Railroad road just for outdoor seating for several restaurant haunts.
—> You get a FREE Farm-crafted Pesto for every person that you refer who signs up!
Zelle  630 945 4458 preferred
Paypal friends and family  msorganicfarm.com
Now, should you wish to pick-up every week, below is the regular program: (we can also accommodate a bi-monthly pickup where we double up your weekly produce)
June thru October – WEEKLY Pick-up
$330 Reserves your fresh produce for 22 weekly pick-ups
$485 Add a dozen pasture-raised eggs to your weekly pick-up
PAYMENT: Zelle: 630-945-4458 OR PayPal Friends and Family: msorganicfarm.com
DATES: SUBJECT TO CHANGE June 27, July 25, August 29, September 26 and October 10th
** We strictly follow USDA orders for cleaning, washing and separating.
By participating in CSA you are supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and supporting local farmers while sharing risk as to profit or loss as the farm does.