CSA for August 23, 2006

I have rinsed greens once, please rinse again, spin and seal.
Dear CSA’rs: You’ve got plenty tomatos and herbs to work with this week and ..
A special treat: I purchased some organic pears from a customer from North Riverside.  I believe they are Dutch pears.  I’ve been eating them all week but you can cook with pears also. See recipes. Thanks for your support.

This week

  • Greens
  • A lot of Basil with garlic
  • Early Girl and Mountain Pride tomatos
  • Cherry tomato mix
  • Pears
  • A few jalapenos


  • Certified Organic Raw Milk Amish Cheeses, priced as marked in the door
  • My salsa in the door $6.00
  • GRanola $5.00
  • Pestos in freezer $5.00
  • Eggs   $3.00( or 6 for  $2.00)
  • Amish Noodles  $5.50
  • Spicey fruit Vinegrette $5.00

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