CSA for October 18, 2006-Last day. Thank You!!

It’s hard to believe the year is over. Thank you for your support.

1. Please take a bag from the bottom of the frige.

2. Please take a Pesto from the freezer portion of same frige(it’s in the door part)

3.  Please choose a box from the tables to the left of the frige.

Salsa,($6.00) Amish Noodles(5.50) & Amish Cheeses (priced as marked)available in the refrigerator.





Dried Italian Blend Herbs


Pole Beans


Tomato Basil Pesto: frozen

M’s Organic Farm Recommends “DAN WITH TOOLS”-McHenry County. General Handyman and Repair Service, Insurred. Good Honest Work with reasonable prices.


Next Years CSA Program now underway.

Thanks for supporting Organic, Local farmers.

MM  Graff 

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