CSA Information Sheet 2007

Organic Vegies, Sauces, Granola PLUS Naturally fed, free Range Poultry and Eggs. NEW IN 2007: Certified Organic Raw Milk, Amish Cheese shares may be added to a Vegie share for $130.00 for the summer. That is 2 lbs per mos. Choose: Horseradish, Cheddar, Monteray Jack, or Pepper Jack(Wine and Chocolate flavoured Cheeses, also Amish but not Certified. )
Hello and thank you for your inquiry about Organic Produce Shares at M’s Organic Farm where we support a Cruelty Free Animal Environment & FREE Dozen Eggs with every new subscription.

We specialize in Greens(Greens, Arugala, Spinach,& more ), expect them in every box,& as part of your share. You may choose to  receive either 2 Chickens every month(June-October) or Chicken in June,July Aug,Sept. & October.No antibiotics, Chickens 4-5 lbs,vegetarian fed, frozen & FDA inspected!! **unless you choose veggie only box.  
**2lbs. of Certified Organic, Raw Milk Chees per mos add: $130.00
** 2 Dozen organic eggs can be added to ANY box, Add $27.00 to any subscription. See our Poultry selections also. Poultry & Eggs sold only as part of CSA program, not separately.
 We also grow onion, jalapenos, Bell Peppers, Basil, Dill, Thyme, Cilantro, Garlic,Oregano & Sage,Pole or String Beans, Eggplant, Radish, Carrot, Beet, Specialty Squashes,Pumpkins, Cuks,  Winter Squash and of course Tomatoes.  You can expect to see any and all of these in your box(seasonal)   Each week you will CHECK THIS SITE FOR an explanation of items in the box and probably a recipe or two. You may occasional receive our famous Cinnamon Almond Raisin Granola or one of our dressings, Pestos or Salsas.
We make a special canned marinara sauce, Soup Bases, Basil and cilantro Pestos, hot chili sauce   as well as dried herbs which are available   A LL   W I N T E R  L O N G.
Many people don’t understand how farming works. Your weekly box will contain whatever skill and Mother Nature can provide at that time. $25.00 of Vegies will supplement a meat eaters dining or provide a lot for a Vegan.
   By prepaying for the year you  be assured a  a subscription of whatever is growing that week for 19 weeks.  In other words, if you are looking for tomatoes in June.  You won’t see them.  No one has tomatoes in Illinois in June. But you will, perhaps, find: radish, beets, onion, garlic, spinach, always, a mix of greens, fresh herbs. The greens are always there and whatever else is growing.  You will have many recipes and suggestions on cooking and eating Greens.
You may have a jar of canned marinara one week early on and then in the fall. Unless you specify otherwise, you may see our Cinnamon Almond Granola, or Chocolate Zucchini Bread or even  one of our dressings or fresh salsas in a basket.   We try to make it as varying and interesting and healthy as Mother Nature allows. I hope this helps.
Share price:  for 19 weeks. Beginning  June (TBA) END-  Oct.(TBA)
Vegies  += $475.00  VEgie + 5 whole chickens  =$575.00  Vegie+10  chickens =$675.00(chickens 4 -5 lbs each)
Remember for : Eggs, add $27.00 to any package.
Remember to add: Certified Organic, Raw Milk Amish Cheese $130.00

Know that we produce all plant based soaps as well as a whole, all natural Hebal Care Line called Mountain Moon here at the farm. See link   http://www.localharvest.org/store/body-care.jsp
Shares are prepaid and picked up: 1.  Wednesdays @ the Farm, between noon and 7 pm  or  at  North Riverside Market  Saturday mornings by noon.  Shares picked up at market must prearrange, please. No switching of pickups and if you go on vacation, why not arrange for a friend to enjoy your box?
Hope to see you this summer at the farm!  (No Please no dogs @ farm & keep children on a leash J)
MM Graff
I  get excited when some new friend asks about the CSA, All things Organic program!! It means folks are getting the idea that Organic & Locally grown food has so much more energy than “other” produce.  It’s good to see people taking care of themselves, the environment and their families.  We know that it may be easier to go to the local superstore. Just like we know it is easier to gas and spray our food but we choose not to. We emply sustainable agricultural practices.
Our promise to you is that we will provide high quality produce, raised in Organic farming practices with the highest respect for all living things and to try to make you happy.  Thank you for blessing us with your order!
————————————————Tear and Send with Check or Money Order Make payable to: MM Graff——————————————-
    Name:————————————– —–I will pick up: 1.   at the farm on Wed.(noon to 7pm) or 2.  North Riverside on  Sats. 8-noon.  Please remember times.
     No. of Shares:————– Vegie only box $475.00, Vegie +5chickens $575 or Vegie +10 chickens $675.00 (circle one)* I’m adding $27.00 for eggs. 2doz/month.  *__I am adding $130.00 for Certified Raw Milk Cheeses.Circle first choices: Cheddar, Monty Jack, Pepper jack, horseradish.
    Email: (PLEASE!! )________ ______     How you heard about M’s  ____________
Note: I prefer emailing as I’m always outside, please and thanks.


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