CSA Start Date Woodstock 2007 June 13th


The start date for the CSA program is June 13th , Wednesday: pickup noon to 7 pm. I will be here to meet and greet you and show you the procedure.

I will have your free dozen of eggs( for those who signed up for full share ). Chickens may or may not be here at that time.

Keep in mind the farm rules: No dogs, drinking, smoking or public restrooms. There is a speed limit in the driveway. Please drive slowly. In other words, be nice as I know you all are. 🙂

I will email you again that week with a reminder to check www.msorganicfarm.com for your weekly “what’s in the box?” and recipes. After that , you will want to check yourselves for that and the weekly instructions. INSTRUCTIONS WILL always also be written on he side of the CSA refrigerator. Again, I will be meetin and guiding you the first day and showing you around if you wish.

Thanks so much for joining M’s Organic Farm and Mountain Moon Herbal Care Products ( www.localharvest.org/store/m6694 ) and for supporting Illinois Farmers.

MM Graff Owner Operator

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