CSA #4-Woodstock July 4th Pickup EGG WEEK

Note: Egg week this week. Please take from side door of frige.
Please read instructions onside of frige when you get here as I have not picked yet.
Some greens subject to change.
This week:

Greens Mix: includes: Kale, Swiss chard
Basil and Oregano
Zukkini: we drag thru seasoned whole wheat flour and fry in pan
Collards(we’ve been using them cold like tortilla wraps for sandwiches etc)
Collard Recipes: We put soy cheese and onion on collards, layered them and placed on the grill the other nite, just until they were warm , then rolled them up( roll-ups) and ate them.

Grilled Collard Greens: http://www.recipezaar.com/119559
Lemon oregano dressing:

Easy veggie Collard Greens:
Thanks for your support.

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