Thanksgiving, Bob the Hungarian: He’s no turkey.

Thanksgiving & Bob the Hungarian: He’s no turkey from M’s Organic Sustainable Farm

Thanksgiving is just that. A time for giving thanks. It goes beyond any one religion. As a matter of fact, I don’t think one has to be religious to celebrate this holdiday. One just has to be thankful. We are. And we are thankful everyday.

We are thankful for this life with wich we are granted and in turn, to our customers, especially our Community Serviced Agriculture Customers. Truly, without them, we could not do what we do. Perhaps other farms can sustain themselves on summer markets, but we cannot.

When customers come out to the farm we tell them and show them that they literally purchased the drip tape, seeds and more. Sometimes I say, “Hey, look at this, you just repaired the tractor”.

We too are grateful for all the support of our neighbours who help out when were in need and refused to take any compensation. Sometimes our neighbours run off tresspassers when we are at market. For all of this we are grateful. We are grateful for all those not mentioned here(you know who you are). 🙂

I want to mention a great friend and mentor who is now in stage four cancer, Bob Bujnocki. An old hippie, he and his wife were “back to the land-livers” when I was in diappers. I call him Bob the Hungarian because when he first found his way to my farm, he introduced himself by saying, “HI, I’m Bob Bujnocki and I”m Hungarian”.

When I needed answers he had them and when he didn’t, he had inspiration. He is the giver of knowledge, the lender of books, and the finder of resources. He’s the one whom, when presented with a problem will come back with not one highly creative idea but, at least three. He literally, made the greenhouse possible by donating all the angle iron(and more). I have never known a more positive person or a more accepting one.

My favourite memories of Thanksgiving have been of ones spent at Bob and his wife, Deb’s house. I look forward to this Thanksgiving with Bob and I plan to thank him again for all he has shown and given to me personally and to M’s Organic Sustainable Farm.

Blessed Be to all of you, and Happy Thanksgiving 2008,

MM Graff Owner Operator