Egg Update for week of 9/22/09

We have eggs!
However, mostly, they are duck eggs.
So WHEN YOU TAKE EGGS WEDNESDAY, please be sure you take 6(half doz) of duck eggs(they are already halved for you) because 6 duck eggs = l2 chicken eggs. There is one straight forward chicken egg dozen there, the rest are duck and are in 6’s.
If any one has a problem with this, let me know and I’ll refund your $ instead of giving you the duck eggs.
This should, however, provide you with an excellent opportunity to try free range , organically fed duck eggs(Peking and Rennin).
When cooking with duck eggs. If the recipe calls for 2 chicken eggs , use only one duck egg.
Thanks for your patience and understanding. Do not hesitate to speak to me if you have an issue with duck eggs.
P.S. I know I still owe you for 2 wks ago.