It’s not me, It’s the Geese!

I was fortunate enough to secure a third planting property close to my main property in Woodstock and was thinking I was ahead of the game, despite the unseasonably cold weather. I felt that way because I had the squash, cabbage,and beats seeded out there by 4/17/11.
Out there being a 5 acre property for a nursery and many forms of wildlife including geese.
No sooner did stuff come up out there, than the geese and their many goslings(Craig counted 60, but there are more) would devour it.
So, we had to invest additional monies and time to put up a 400 square foot fence, in the cold, 35 mph winds and yes, mist. I’m so proud of us. We did it in under 3 hours.
So if squash, cabbage and beets are late.. dont blame me, blame the geese:)