CSA Logan Square Week 5, July l0th Egs NO,

Okay, looks like major pollination problems w/ the squash. I can’t say what will happen.
Sorry I’m giving you so much dill, make pesto and freeze if you need to.
Note: leek scapes are like garlic scapes, use for oniony flavour.
Full Shares:
Spinach, last time
Mustard: Ho Mi Z
Vitimin Green-Asian Greens
Deer Tongue_ Native American Heirloom lettuce
Early Wonder Beets
Leek Scapes
Early Garlic
Half Share:
Mustard, Ho Mi Z
Early Wonder Beets
Leek Scapes
Vitamin Green, Asian Greens
Deer Tongue=-Native American Heirloom Lettuce
Thank you for your support