New CSA Info Sheet 2012

Questions?: or 815-338-8148 Email is best
A Cruelty Free Environment

We grow Vegetables & Herbs & you may occasionally receive(unless you request otherwise) our famous Cinnamon Almond Raisin Granola or one of our Pestos. You will receive greens in every box. Each week you may check for an explanation of items in the box and probably a recipe or two.
** Dozen organic eggs(free range, local , non-medicated feed) can be added to ANY vegetable subscription, Add $30.00 to your subscription. Eggs sold only as part of CSA program, not separately. One dozen eggs every 3 weeks.

Your weekly box will contain whatever skill and Mother Nature can provide at that time

Woodtock Shares are prepaid and will be picked up Wednesdays noon to 7 p.m. only for 18 weeks beginning in June. Start date to be announced.
Logan Square Shares: are prepaid and will be picked up Sundays at the market no later than 1 p.m. beginning in June. Start date to be announced.
No dogs, speeding or loud music at the farm please.

I get excited when some new friend asks about the CSA, All things Organic program!! It means folks are getting the idea that Sustainably grown, Organic & Locally grown food has so much more energy than “other” produce
We know that it may be easier to go to the store just like we know it is easier to gas and spray our food but… we choose not to

If you go on vacation, why not arrange for a friend to enjoy your box? No hold over of shares. Shares not picked up are donated. No refunds possible.
Our promise to you is that we will provide high quality produce, raised in Organic farming practices with the highest respect for all living things and to try to make you happy.
MM Graff
Mail below info, with a check,& made out to MM Graff to 14101 W. Washington Str, Woodstock, IL 60098
no refunds possible

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