Finally, heat! Delays at the farm?

Well, just a little note about how things are going.

So very thankful for the heat to dry up some things for more tilling.

Usually, Logan Square CSA starts 3rd week in June, this may be delayed a little, I will email you.

Woodstock: I will let you know as well.

Today I seeded a third plot of Parisian Carrots as well as New Zealand Spinach.

The heavier rains earlier, washed some planted seeds like parsley , cabbage and collards out so, we’ve started over with those.

Unfortunately , our biggest property in Harvard has had much more rain making it impossible to till. If you till when its too wet, you destroy the structure of the soil and it makes it impossible to plant and our goal, as organic, sustainable farmers,l is to build up the soil & , hopefully, leave it better than it was. We will persevere!

Pray for no rain at the least until after Saturday!

I realize lots of markets are starting in May this year, however, we really grow everything as nature allows so thank you so very much for your patience and support.

Thanks, friends, for signing and for all your support
Farmer, M