– /Logan Square CSA’rs Week 2 July 7th, 8 a.m. to pm pickup

It was great meeting all of you Sunday!! I hope you loved your goodies!
I’m not sure if I’ll have egg s this Sunday or not for you, ha. Chickens are molting, we will see. So, it will be a surprise.
Remember, you get them 6 times per year.

Well , the woodchuck ate 90 percent of the kohlrabi, I sowed some more but…??the good news is, for now, he’s staying off of the kale.

Full shares: see the Woodstock wk #3 for a turnip recipe with tatsoi, or chill them, slice and use instead of potato chips with dip.

FULL SHARES: ( get your pesto from me from last wk, Kris and Clio)
Easter Egg RAdish, a little spicier
Candy Red Onions
Dukat Dill
Candy Red Onions
EAster Egg RAdishes, spicey
Dukat Dill
did something cool with your vegies, send me the recipe and I’ll share it. Pictures are good too.
Bless you all and see you Sunday!