9/25/13 Woodstock CSA’rs Week 15/18

A word on the reserving and purchasing of xtra eggs.
Eggs will be available from time to time as the season winds down for $6.00 dozen.
I have a few currently.
You pay the little basket hanging on the wall to the left of half share fridge.
IF YOU WISH TO RESERVE EGGS(first come first serve) You must email me in advance(or ask me when and if you see me)
If you are to receive eggs , I will have them in YOUR fridge in the door with your name on it.
Please DO NOT takes eggs that do not have your name on it, even if you asked for them.
Let me know if this is confusing:)
We are so lucky to still have tomatoes but it’s winding down.
I’m a little worried about the large property as it froze last year this time. I’m going to check/pick it now.
Banana Peppers: this uses okra but I bet it would be good with chopped banana peppers too http://honeymoonkitchen.com/okra-and-tomato-saute/
LEMON BASIL: flavors fresh green salads, Italian sauces, and pesto.
Add Lemon basil lavishly to rice dishes, poultry, fish, potatoes and vegetables, use it in dressings and marinades or enjoy its abundant leaves for refreshing lemony iced tea.
SAGE: goes well with butternut squash and or tomatoes

Full Shares:
#l. Take 1 bag from ANY shelf of your fridge
#2. Take a bag from the table on the side marked FULL SHARE
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Chioggia Beets
Red Norland Potatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Feel free to return egg cartons:)
Half Shares:
#1. Take 1 bag from ANY shelf of your fridge
Butternut Squash
Heirloom tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Leeks
Banana Peppers
Lemon Basil
Feel free to return egg cartons:)