CSA Woodstock First pickup 6/15/16 Eggs yes for those that subscribed

Greetings Supporters of M’s Organic Sustainable farm!

Farm address: 14101 Washington Street, Woodstock, Il 60098

Again, I have a few spots left, Refer a friend who signs and receive free eggs.

For those who know the ropes, welcome back and as always help yourselves.

For all else, welcome and I will be on hand to greet you noon to 7 which is the pickup time.
I will show you the ropes from there but here are the instructions for tomorrow. ( no need to print I have it hanging on your fridge as well)

Half Shares( that is all of you so far)

1. take one bag from the top shelf of your fridge
2. If you bought a subscription to eggs( Mr. Mrs. H, and Mr. Mrs C) take eggs from the door of the fridge

In the bag:
Pak Choi
Cherriette radishes

any xtra or return cartons appreciated.

Please: dogs at the farm stay in your vehicle, I apologize but there are no public facilities here, slower is better for this driveway but come on up lots of room to turn around.

Looking forward to it.