Last 2016 Summer share day, 10/5/2016 Thanks so much and.

The fall shares are still available. Vegie and egg $66.00 for 3 weeks. Expect greens, rads, toms, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Winter Squash.

A few new, hip fall recipes:
Butternuts Squash:,t,it/am=OovHHNj9v-8PxrUMALLSByrM-_7nm0tlh33u9f_7AFHIV-D_zf4fwK_BXrTFCg/rt=h/d=1/rs=AHGWq9CQMcbh3fHvrVbChFza-XqnXnPDkw
Butternut squash , google roasted BNS and sage pizza( you got sage this week)

Parsley: enuff for a Pesto, Use WALNUTS, garlic, olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon. FREEZES VERY NICELY

Salsa for sale in fridge
If you need Cilantro pesto, or basil pesto: let me know in advance… or Canned Marinara sauce.

Okay Please pay attention to instructions so you get all.
1. Take a BN Squash from the table
2. take a bag from the top of your fridge shelf

Patrycia: your special order bag is a box and is on the bottom of the shelf.

In the “bags”
parsley(enuff for a pesto, use walnuts, squeeze of lemon, olive oil and garlic) freeze it
heirloom tomatoes
red potatoes

Thanks for a great season