Week 9 CSA PIckup Woodstock Finally! . Cuks and more

Greetings, Mousketeers:

I will have recipes below . WE made a Cuk salad to nite with Chives, garlic, onion, Vegenaissee( mayo or Miracle Whip), ACV, S&P, thinly sliced Cuks and a dash of cayenne, Let marinade in fridge.

My Aunt Verna used to lightly bread and fry and serve with horseradish mayo, or you can quick pickle.  * It’s a Kansas thing

I like to chop it and put in tuna or egg salad. I have a lot of cuks for sale half bushels are $15  full bushel is 425.00 Zell, Paypal or Venmo

In the box:


Pickler Cuks