I’ve been enjoying this “recipe” with freshly made tortillas. I make them alot for wrapping. Vinegar garlic onions, baby and the greens about 2 basil, thyme, oregano, parsley(or whatever you have_ salt veganaise, or mayo or sour creme chop vegies: like squash, carrots and malibar spinach or greens(i like the malibar cuz it holds well […]

Beet Green Tips/Recipes Yummm

BEET GREENS:One of my favourites Again, I chopp, chill and put raw in stuffed tortillas, on pizza, in rice, past and yesterday I made boiled potatoes, garlic, green onion topps and beet greens(raw, chopped) Morrocan Beet Green Salad: Beet Green Gratin: