CSA # 5 for Logan Square

Firstly, I apologize about not having a post last week. I wrote it(and it was good:)) but I must not have saved it. I’m technilogically challenged.
We got a total of around 8″ of rain the past week and a half which rotted some tomatos but otherwise, no flooding.
Betsy, the farm truck, has been retired to truck heaven( a surprise to us too) so we have a new beast to carry the vegetables in. Her name is Elspeth. I hope she’ll be with us for awhile.
Tomatos are parially here. Most of you received Consoluto Genovese(heirloom), some received the Rutgers Italian. And some of you had mixed cherry tomatos. Rather than hold the tomatos from you I chose to give you what was ripe at the moment.
Here’s what in the bags:
Bably Boil Bake or Broil(assorted vegies with scape and parsley to boil, grrill, stirfy??)
Lots of Genovese Basil
Basil Pesto Frozen(Organic: Sunflower Seeds, garlic & Basil. Lemon juice, salt, olive oil.)
Eggs if you subscribe.
Sorry no recipes this week.

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