Woodstock Full Share CSA Week 1-No Eggs I will meet you

Thanks again for supporting Organic, Local, Sustainable, Illinois Farmers!

Thanks for your patience as all was seeded around a month later due to weather.

Remember to rinse your vegies.
Notes on greens, lettuce etc.: I rinse once but, you should rinse again in cold water and put in air tight container or baggy and they will last. If you allow your greens/lettuce to get hot and they are a little wilty, then soak in cold water and they will come back.
You should spin or drain them unless you wash and then use immediately.

INSTRUCTIONS: always, also posted on the fridge. NO EGGS THIS WEEK=START NEXT WEEK.
Take one bag from the top of your(full share , I will show you) fridge.
Take one bag from the bottom of of your(full share , I will show you) fridge
Take one frozen Basil Pesto from the freezer of your fridge.

What’s in the bags:
Mei Quing Choi(like pak choi)
Oregano(use raw or dry)
Mars Spring Onions
Basil Pesto

Please forgive no recipes this week. Feel free to email me if you need some.

I am near Route l4 and l20 on l20 and EXACTLY at Lamb Rd. and l20.
Please observe the speed limit of 2 mph and please no animals at the farm.