Woodstock CSA Half Share Week 1 June 16 NO EGGS.

Welcome and thanks for supporting Organic,Susainable, Local, Illinois farmers.

Thanks for waiting as all went in 30 days late for weather.
Remember to rinse your vegies.
Notes on greens, lettuce etc.: I rinse once but, you should rinse again in cold water and put in air tight container or baggy and they will last. If you allow your greens/lettuce to get hot and they are a little wilty, then soak in cold water and they will come back.
You should spin or drain them unless you wash and then use immediately
1. Take one bag from the top part of the half share fridge
2. Take one bag from the bottom part of the fridge
Mei Quing Choi
Mars Spring Onions

I apologize, no recipes this week. let me know if you need some.
MM Graff