CSA Woodstock Week #ll August 27th No eggs this week

Full Share Instructions:
l. take a bag from the bottom portion of your fridge
2. take a bag from the top portion of your fridge

Here’s what’s in the bags:
Yukon Gold Potatos
Swiss Chard
Early Girl Tomatos
Consoluto Genovese tomatos : originally from Italy and used most often for preserving, this variety has the odd shape most commonly associated with heirlooms, accompanied by an intense and acidic flavor.
Assorted Garden Vegies with garlic scape
Half Share Instructions:
1. TAKE ONE BAG FROM E I T H E R THE top or the bottom of your fridge
What’s in the bags:
Early Girl tomatos
Marriannes Peace tomato: A delicious late season potato leaf variety that yields pinkish/red beef steak style fruit. It is a dense fleshy tomato with few seeds. I thought it had a wonderfully delicious sweet flavor. “Marianna’s Peace” is an heirloom variety that comes from Czechoslovakia.

Yukon gold potato
Patty Pan Squash
Herb mix: Genovese Basil, Oregano, Lemon Basil
Swiss Chard:
1. Swiss Chard and Potato(multiple recipes) http://www.bigoven.com/private/swiss+chard+potato-recipe
2. I made a soup by sauteing onion, garlic with some salt and later adding some honey. Addes chopped tomatos and cooked covered until soft then smooshed them down. I addes peeled, cubed patty pan squash, chopped swiss chard and some half way cooked black beans and fresh parsley. Spices: Red Cayenne(or paprika if you don’t like hot) and Cumin. You could use Tumeric or garam marsala too.
3. Swiss chard soup: (hint, your squash, garlic and
4. Swiss chard fritters with creamy Mint dipping sauce: http://iheartkale.blogspot.com/2008/05/swiss-chard-fritters-with-creamy-mint.html
1. SAge potatos http://www.recipezaar.com/141542
2. Grilled sage tomatos http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/SAGE-AND-GARLIC-GRILLED-TOMATOES-231538
3. tomato sage soup: http://souprecipe.us/2007/07/tomato-and-sage-soup.html