CSA North Riverside LAST WEEK, Eggs yes. Thank you for your Support!!

We are wrapping things up here: harvesting, processing, re doing the greenhouse, making potting soil, bringing up weed barrier, trellisis etc and planting onions for overwintering(if it ever dried up)
Thank you for a great season and for supporting this organic/sustainable farmer.
Full share: what’s in the bags :
Doble Superior Potatos
Exotic or Cinnamon Granola(you may freeze if you need to and eat, or make cookies with or sweet rolls too)
Cilantro Pesto(remind me to give this to you)on chicken, fish, pasta, potatos, pizza as a dip or salad dressing)
Mixed Greens(see last weeks blog for tons of suggestions)
Malibar Spinach(if you need to freez: rinse, drain, put back in baggy and toss as is into freezer)
Double Parmex Carrots(you can slice and freeze) make sure to use the tops with the parsley I gave you . Put in processor, freeze in chunks for soup later on )
Beaureguard Sweet Potatos(they make look funny, but they are the best. Slice and steam in the microwave and add salt only cuz they are so sweet, or make with mashed potatos or add to soup)
Thyme(will last in a baggy in the fridge a long time or you may dry)
Italian Parsley
Thanks again for supporting me and my work.