CSA Woodstock Week 7, 07/29/13 no eggs

Well its turned a little cooler so some hot crops are slowing down a little.

Woodchuck is still eating my brassicas. I’m trying a new Deer/Critter repellent here and at the big property where , the deer are almost wiping me out. Its all organic but apparently stinks to high heaven.
So, if you smell it in the barn(I have to premix it and let it set) , No, nothing died in there, its just the repellent. I’ m trying it around here for the Woodchuck too.

I should be able to give you eggs soon, you’ve had 3 out of six dozen, thanks for your patience.
We never peel them, skins are tasty
1. grilling
2. sauteeing
3. pizza
4. Squash lasagne(summer squash is all interchangeable)
5. Zucchini(or summer squash of any kind) Pancakes http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/zucchini-pancakes-recipe/index.html
6. Round squash can also be topped, gutted, stuffed and baked.
7.. Ever had cucumber salad? How about squash salad.
Have a great idea? Please share
Thanks for your support
Full Shares:
l. Take 1 bag from any shelf of your fridge

Golden Zukkini
Black Beauty Zukkini
Lemon Basil(use for lemon taste or Just as you would parsley, in anything)
Asian Eggplant, good with Squashes, dont peel
Candy Onions
Dragon Tongue Beans
Feel free to return egg cartons:)

Half Shares.
l. Take ONE bag from your fridge
Parmex Carrots
Early wonder Beets
Golden Zukkini
Feel free to return egg cartons:)