Logan Square CSA Week 6 Eggs #4, yes BAked Squash Potato & Potato Squash Moz Recipes too

Hello all!

Hot crops slowed down a little with the cool nites but we are getting there:)
Thanks for all your support.
Use the greens on the Kohlrabi too. no need to peel potatoes and have fun with your squash(no need to peel)

Okay, I did this one tonite instead with a few tweeks: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-tomato-mozzarella-potato-salad-with-lemon-buttermilk-dressing-recipes-from-the-kitchn-173635
TWEEKS: lCup of summer squashed NOT peeled, cubed, half goes in with the potatoes have with the dressing.
I used lemon basil as well as basil with the dressing, used grape cherry tomatoes( you could use chopped greens also) I put the honey in with the potatoes while they were boiling as well as some garlic and chopped onion. I used Coconut Milk unsweetened instead of butter milk and my soy cheese was shredded.
Verdict: DELISH! This will also be breakfast for market tomorrow

This sounds delicious, I wonder if you could add chopped greens to the mix, hmmm

Full Shares:
greens mix
Red Norland potatoes
Early wonder Beets
Parmex Carrots
Large Green Envy lettuce
Zukkini large
Golden Zukini
Swiss Chard
Red Norland Potatoes
Golden Zukkini