CSA Woodstock Week 9, 08/14/13 Eggs no

Well, I found the enterance hole, not the escape hole, of the Woodchuck who has destroyed the kales and parsley. It’s only matter of time now

Here is a good link to Beet Green Recipes, one you can use lemon basil with.

BAnana peppers: I made a layered all vegie pasta with cheese last week and used the sliced banana peppers and squash and baked it with cheese and herbs. Mine was a little runny without pasta or bread. One could propbably beat an egg and pour it over the layers veg and cheese and bake it just fine.
Stuff with Creme cheese as a snack, put on pizza or in pasta or grilled.

A word about garlic scapes: arlic scapes are the curled flower stalks of hardnecked garlic varieties grown in colder climates.
chop up the bulb and use it like regular garlic.

Full Shares:
l. Take 1 bag from Any shelf of your fridge
Beet Greens
Sweet Banana Peppers
Asian Eggplant
Red Norland Potatoes
Cocozelle and Golden Zukkini
Lemon BAsil with Thyme
Feel free to return egg cartons:)

Half Shares.
l. Take ONE bag from your fridge
Assorted BAby Squashes, tender
Sweet Banana Peppers
Dragon Tongue Beans
Garlic scape, use the bulb like garlic, strong
Feel free to return egg cartons:)