CSA Woodstock Week 10, 08/21/13 no eggs

Well it should be a little warmer at nice for us this week.

KOHLRABI: This looks good http://sugarcrafter.net/2010/07/05/kohlrabi-curry/

Potato, squash, onion, tomato salad: boil cut pots, dice and sautee garlic, onion, unpeeled squash.
Make your favourite dressing, mine is with coconut milk, olive oil and herbs and vinegar.
Add tomato to it, cooled pots, and sauteed veg, stir and let stand in fridge then add shredded cheese, or in my case soy cheese.
Option: you can add any lettuce or chopped chilled green to this also.
Full Shares:
l. Take 1 bag from Any shelf of your fridge
Cherry Tomatoes
EArly Girl Tomatoes
2 Round Squash: floridor and 8 ball
Swiss Chard
Candy Onions

Feel free to return egg cartons:)

Half Shares.
l. Take ONE bag from either shelf of your fridge
Early girl tomatoes
Asian Eggplant
Red Norland Potatoes
Patty Pan Squash
Lemon BAsil with Thyme
Feel free to return egg cartons:)