Sorrel it’s here. $3.00 per bunch

Yes, its snowing but the Sorrel is happy.
$3.00 per bunch or 2 bunches for $5.00

Email ahead

Here’s a picture(copy paste)

Here’s a few suggestions
Sorrel Risotto
Beet Salad with Sorrel with Pistachio Dressing from Chef Jonathan Miller
Penne with Mushrooms and Fresh Sorrel from The Good Herb by J. Benn Hurley
Leek and Sorrel Pancakes with Smoked Salmon
adapted from Big
Split Pea Soup with Sorrel Stir chopped fresh sorrel greens into hot pea soup just before serving.
Carrot Sorrel Juice
Apple Sorbet With Sorrel Recipe
From Victory Garden serves 4Sorrel is classic as a sauce for fish:
Sorrel Sauce for Fish from The Peppermill Rest. in Clearwater, FL
Sorrel and Goat Cheese Quiche
Cream of Sorrel Soup
Sorrel Pesto: great as an interesting pasta coating or a thick sauce for fish.
Greens and Fish
An old authentic French recipe