CSA Shares at Woodstock pickup. Vegie and eggs available

By participating in CSA you are supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and supporting local farmers. You in turn reserve a share of the best, freshest, locally grown, organic veggies and herbs for you and your family. No doubt you’ll also be trying new things, especially greens. You will receive only what is grown on these properties, no buying in and, you will share in the success and failures as the farmer does.
Pickup at Woodstock is every Wednesday noon to 7 p.m. only. Start date is to be announced but will begin in June.

No dogs or public facilities at the farm & please drive slowly in and out of the drive.

If you wish to sign: Send me your information & how you heard about us (pretty please) with a check payable to MM Graff 14101 Washington Street, Woodstock IL 60098 and I will send you an e receipt.
Of course, if you are local, you may drop by w/appointment.

See pricing M's Organic Farm Olde Trailor
Woodstock Pricing: 18 weeks Pickup at farm Wednesdays noon to 7 p.m. only
Vegie Share only $455.00
Vegie plus egg share(one dozen every other week) $ 511.00
Half Vegie share $275.00
Half Vegie Share plus Eggs(one dozen every other week) $331.00

Checks payable to MM Graff
14101 WAshington Street
Woodstock IL 60098

email me with questions msorganicfarm@gmail.com