9/13 Day 14 Woodstock

ARONIA BERRY: Aronia is also used as a flavoring or colorant for beverages or yogurts. Juice from the ripe berries is astringent, semi-sweet (moderate sugar content), sour (low pH), and contains a low level of vitamin C. The berries have their own unique flavor and, in addition to juice, can be baked into breads.

Anyone who wants 20 or more lbs of Aronia berry, coming up soon, the last of it pre order $6 per pound.

Arugula, fall

Pasilla peppers. super hot: stuffed with tomato?

Aronia Berry: smoothies and google for ideas

Fresh Dill: with tomatoes


.1. TAKE A Plastic BAG FROM the top shelf of your fridge
2 TAKE EGGS FROM door of fridge if you subscribe

Thats it nothing on the table for you this weeek