Pak Choi Recipes

I like Choi in stirfry or in my salads. Fish and Ginger Pak Choi (any firm fish such as cod, haddock, pollock or sea bass.) You may sub spinach in these dishes also. 2 tbsp soy sauce fresh ginger, half grated, half finely sliced 2 tsp sesame oil 1 tbsp olive oil Juice of 1 […]

Tips:GREENS,Turnips,PAK CHOI,Radish, Fennel RECIPES

TURNIPS: Soup: Gratin: Pak Choi for stirfry or soup is good or Spring rolls. General info and Ideas: What can I do with greens? Answer: Everything and anything. RAw or cooked. Greens( not lettuce) 1.Salads, Soup or stirfry 2. Any recipe that calls for Spinach, sub Greens 3. Top cooked pizza with […]

Sorrel Ideas/Recipe, Oregano,Garlic&Leek Tip

SORREL 1. Sorrel Pesto Recipe: 2. Sorrel Idea for Dressing: Vinegar, O.J., Curry, Sesame Oil, water and chopped sorrel. 3. Add Sorrel to Salad OREGANO 1. Shrimp Oregano grill: 2. Oregano Marinade: A Word about Baby Garlic & Baby Leek: I use the green, meaty end first by slicing, then sliding my […]

Recipe for July 26

My Salad last nite Dressing: Red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Dried or fresh dill, one basil leaf, water(add olive oil too if you want), veganaise(or yogurt or mayo etc. ) chopped tomato NUTS( I threw in a handful of my granola, it gave a nutty sweet flavor) ADD WASHED AND RINSED COLLARDS AND CHOI […]